Enhanced passenger experience through innovation
We believe that it is our responsibility to apply the most advanced technologies to improve your passengers’ comfort. For us, someone’s journey should be enjoyable as soon as the plane leaves the ground.
Envee’s skilled media technical team is able to edit all video programming and filmed entertainment to the needs and requirements of our airline clients. Before implementing the software content, Envee products are tested manually and automatically to ensure the quality content matches your system.
To encode the software optimized to a specific type of hardware, Envee makes use of the software solution, Manzanita Multiplexer TSME This transport multiplexer supports major formats & worldwide standards, high performance speeds, using advanced tools for diverse appli- cations, and is featured with many product options and configurations.
Data Input
Envee is familiar with hardware suppliers' content management systems and is experienced in entering data on such systems as needed for airlines
Audio &Video Post-Production
We can provide any audio system that our airline clients prefer.
GUI Development Exam
GUI Development Exam
GUI interface is designed with Lotus, egrets, blue and white porcelain and other elements to map out a beautiful traditional Chinese ink painting, which can not only enhance the corporate image of the Chinese airlines, but also present the perfect interpretation of the Chinese airline’s corporate temper- ament and cultural.
Software Customization
Software Customization
Our team of software developers is fully capable of developing customized games and applications. This skill gives us the advantage of serving customers itheir preferences:
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